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Student Printing


Printing Services

We offer students a comprehensive printing service, including thesis and dissertations. We also print everything from a small jobs such as assignments to wide format posters and anything in between.

Thesis/Dissertation Printing

  • When ready to print, create a single High Quality Print PDF file that is optimised for printing with fonts embedded.
  • Check PDF page size is A4 (210mm x 297mm or 8.27in x 11.69in)
  • Proof PDF to ensure that no re-pagination or font corruption has occurred. A single copy will be printed for proofing - this is highly recommended
  • If you choose not to review a proof of your thesis, you accept full responsibility for any problems associated with the artwork or other content the file contains. Please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for any variations between the electronic file you send us and the final printed version of your thesis.

Case-binding Specifications

  • 80gsm offset white maximum 600 sheets of paper
  • 100gsm colotech idol maximum 500 sheets of paper
  • Minimum thickness for gold-foil on spine is 10mm

Submit for Printing and Binding

Gravitas Waikato Print - Ground Level Student Union Building.
Please bring Print Ready PDF file on a USB Drive or you can e-mail PDF file to:
Allow 6 working days for case-binding.

Course Packs (Course Readings)

The course you are enrolled in may require books of readings. These Course Packs of readings are made available through our Gravitas Waikato Print shop. You can collect your Course Packs from Gravitas Waikato Print Shop Ground level, WSU Building on Hamilton Campus. The Course Pack is price dependent on the quantity of pages in each pack. Our paper stock all comply with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accreditation and we use environmentally friendly toners. Our staff are always ready to assist you to make sure you have what you need.

Design students

We are the place to turn your design work into a reality. We can print one-off posters from A3 to A0. We can do small runs of high quality digital printing to show your design as it would be actually produced in the design industry, perfect for your class assignments.

Purchase Course Readings from Gravitas Waikato Print on Hamilton Campus

All students can directly purchase their course readings (course-pack) from Gravitas Waikato Print, Ground level, WSU Building on Hamilton Campus). When a book is out of stock, you can order one at the shop counter and come back to collect it. We will make sure the course books ordered are ready for collection in 48 hours.

Order Course Readings (course-pack) online using the Shopping Mall

  • Every student can order course readings (Course-pack) via
    Once logged in, go to Services»Shopping Mall.
  • While in the Shopping Mall site, select the 'Course readings' category. If you type % in the Search box, all your currently available books of course readings will be listed. Then add the book you want to order to your shopping cart (See diagram below for steps to complete your web order).
  • After you have successfully submitted a web order, we will make your course books ready within 48 hours and send the order to your postal address via courier post. Your order should arrive at your address in 3 working days. Please note a $7 courier fee will be charged on each courier pack when a courier has to deliver the course books to a New Zealand postal address.

    Note: Once you have selected all the books you want and checked your delivery details, you can "Proceed to Checkout" and "Select Payment Method" to confirm the payment. Please read FAQ 3 if you have difficulty proceeding with credit payment.


    If your papers are offered at Tauranga campus, you can choose to have your course-packs delivered to The Hub, Level 1, 101-121 Durham Street and the courier fee will not apply. If you want your course-packs to be delivered to a home address, a $7 courier fee will be charged on each courier pack when you order them online using the Shopping Mall application. You can also directly purchase or order your course-packs from Gravitas Waikato Print Shop on Hamilton campus.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I purchase or order my course readings from Gravitas Waikato Print?
    Every student can either directly purchase or order his/her course readings books (course-packs) from The Gravitas Waikato Print Shop on Hamilton Campus or order them online.

    2. What is stopping me from entering credit card details when ordering my books in Shopping Mall?
    This would be an issue with your security settings. You will need to turn OFF the pop-up Blocker on your web browser before you can successfully submit a web order. You may need a computer professional's help if you still cannot enter your credit details after you turn OFF the pop-up blocker.

    3. For each paper I am enrolled in, is there a readings book to purchase?
    Not every paper the University offers has readings books. Some lecturers use text books rather than preparing course-packs or readings books. Check with your lecturers to see what books you will need to buy.

    4. Why do I have to pay a courier fee?
    A $7 courier fee is charged on each courier pack (not per book posted) when a courier has to deliver the books to a New Zealand postal address. If you do not want to pay this fee, you can collect your books from Gravitas Waikato Print Shop counter or from the Tauranga Campus for TGA enrolled students.

    5. Can I order my readings books over the phone?
    No. For security and other reasons, we cannot accept your credit card numbers over the phone. You can purchase or order your course readings books from Gravitas Waikato Print Shop or order them online .

    6. If I am not enrolled in a paper, can I purchase a course-pack (readings book) for this paper?
    Yes, you will need to visit the retail shop and purchase over the counter.

    7. Can I purchase a second copy of a course-pack if I lost my copy?
    Yes, enrolled students are allowed to purchase a replacement copy if you have lost your copy. However, you cannot do this online.

    8. How can I order course-packs online if I do not have a Visa/Master card?
    If you do not have a Credit or Debit Card, you can pay by internet banking. To do this, use the automated 'shopping mall email' ( on the Shopping Mall ordering screen. You will need to email us your Name, Student ID Number, Full Paper Code, and Delivery Address. We will email you the details required. When your payment is confirmed, we will dispatch all the books you ordered. Web ordering is for pre payment only. If you want to pay when you pick up you need to order in person at the Gravitas Waikato Print Shop on Hamilton Campus.